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Dataset - Sediment Supply to the Arctic Coastal Zone

Storms, J. E. A. & De Winter, I.L. (2017). Sediment Supply to the Arctic Coastal Zone. (v1)
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The data described here are various types of land-based geophysical survey data. The methods used are; Ground Penetrating Radar, Refraction Seismics and Transient Electromagnetics. Surveys are performed on proglacial outwash plains or sandurs. Where possible, depth to bedrock is measured, as well as internal sedimentary architecture. This gives us information on deposited sediment volumes and depositional processes. Most raw data is in proprietary formats.


The main research question of this project is how the sediment supply to the Arctic coastal system is influenced by the changing climate. Accurate understanding of the effects of climate change on river sediment fluxes is needed to predict for instance changes in the biological productivity of the Arctic coastal ecosystem, which is vulnerable to changes in sediment and associated nutrient supply. The objective of this research is to make predictions of the sediment supply to the arctic oceans, by describing the interacting forcing factors and responses in a numerical model. To validate our model field observation in Arctic river systems are of vital importance. Geophysical and geomorphological studies are performed in different glaciofluvial valley systems. From this data, present and past sediment transport and deposition are reconstructed.

Temporal coverage


1 August 2007 to 31 August 2007


1 April 2008 to 30 April 2008

Paleo temporal coverage

Chronostratigraphic unit

  • Phanerozoic > Cenozoic > Quaternary > Holocene

PlatformIn Situ Land-based Platforms > Field Investigation (field Investigation)
InstrumentIn Situ/laboratory Instruments > Profilers/sounders > Seismic Reflection Profilers
InstrumentIn Situ/laboratory Instruments > Profilers/sounders > Acoustic Sounders > Geophones
InstrumentEarth Remote Sensing Instruments > Active Remote Sensing > Profilers/sounders > Radar Sounders > Ground Penetrating Radar (gpr)
InstrumentEarth Remote Sensing Instruments > Active Remote Sensing > Profilers/sounders > Radar Sounders > Electromagnetic Geoprofiler (electromagnetic Geoprofiler)

Originating center

TU Delft - Civil Engineering and Geosciences



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