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Project - Long-lived evergreen shrubs from polar ecosystems as monitors of present and past climate change: reconstruction of annual polar temperature and Arctic Oscillation phase changes with a new climate multiproxy (wintermark T, 18O and 2H in plant segments)


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Stef Weijers, Friederike Wagner-Cremer, et al., 2013. Reconstructing High Arctic growing season intensity from shoot length growth of a dwarf shrub. The Holocene 23 (5), 721-731Stef Weijers, Lia Auliaherliaty, et al., 2013. Effects of Manipulated Precipitation and Shading on Cassiope tetragona Growth and Carbon Isotope Discrimination: A High Arctic Field Study. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 45 (1), 132-142Stef Weijers, Inger Greve Alsos, et al., 2012. No divergence in Cassiope tetragona: persistence of growth response along a latitudinal temperature gradient and under multi-year experimental warming. Annals of Botany 110 (3), 653-665Bert Buizer, Stef Weijers, et al., 2012. Range shifts and global warming: ecological responses ofEmpetrum nigrumL. to experimental warming at its northern (high Arctic) and southern (Atlantic) geographical range margin. Environmental Research Letters 7 (2), 025501Isla H Myers-Smith, Bruce C Forbes, et al., 2011. Shrub expansion in tundra ecosystems: dynamics, impacts and research priorities. Environmental Research Letters 6 (4), 045509Weijers, S., Broekman, R., & Rozema, J., 2010. Dendrochronology in the High Arctic: July air temperatures reconstructed from annual shoot length growth of the circumarctic dwarf shrub Cassiope tetragon. Quaternary Science Reviews 29 (27), 3831-3842JELTE ROZEMA, STEF WEIJERS, et al., 2009. Annual growth ofCassiope tetragonaas a proxy for Arctic climate: developing correlative and experimental transfer functions to reconstruct past summer temperature on a millennial time scale. Global Change Biology 15 (7), 1703-1715J. Rozema, P. Blokker, et al., 2009. UV-B absorbing compounds in present-day and fossil pollen, spores, cuticles, seed coats and wood: evaluation of a proxy for solar UV radiation. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 8 (9), 1233

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