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Project - Geographical and temporal variation in health issues in Arctic breeding birds


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OLGA V. DOLNIK, BENJAMIN J. METZGER, & MAARTEN J. J. E. LOONEN, 2011. Keeping the clock set under the midnight sun: diurnal periodicity and synchrony of avian Isospora parasites cycle in the High Arctic. Parasitology 138 (09), 1077-1081Steffen Hahn, Maarten J. J. E. Loonen, & Marcel Klaassen, 2011. The reliance on distant resources for egg formation in high Arctic breeding barnacle geese Branta leucopsis. Journal of Avian Biology 42 (2), 159-168Christiane E. Hübner, Ingunn M. Tombre, et al., 2010. The Connectivity of Spring Stopover Sites for Geese Heading to Arctic Breeding Grounds. Ardea 98 (2), 145-154Dries Pieter Jan Kuijper, R. Ubels, & M. J. J. E. Loonen, 2009. Density-dependent switches in diet: a likely mechanism for negative feedbacks on goose population increase? Polar Biology 32 (12), 1789-1803Kristin Wear Prestrud, Kjetil Åsbakk, et al., 2007. Serosurvey for Toxoplasma gondii in arctic foxes and possible sources of infection in the high Arctic of Svalbard. Veterinary Parasitology 150 (1-2), 6-12Olga V. Dolnik & Maarten J. J. E. Loonen, 2007. Isospora plectrophenaxia n. sp (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae), a new coccidian parasite found in Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) nestlings on Spitsbergen. Parasitology Research 101 (6), 1617-1619

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